Navigation in a code base with Rider

How to navigate around a code base? Let's look at some easy ways of doing so.

Navigating Code in Rider

Regardless of the programming language used, Rider provides navigation in your projects. Navigation is available in C#, F#, VB.NET, JavaScript, TypeScript, CSS, HTML and many more languages, and works for settings, actions in the IDE, and more.

JetBrains Rider enables you to find your way through the source code using the declarations, members, method calls, inheritance hierarchy, errors, and so on as well as through IDE items like actions, settings, and tool windows.

The scope of navigation and search is not limited to files of just your solution: you can include symbols from referenced libraries.

Some other options available are:

The previous list is by no means complete. The Rider web help on Navigation has many more examples and use cases.

Structural Navigation

You can use the Tab and Shift+Tab keys to quickly move text selection to the next or previous code element, without having to use the mouse, or the cursor keys. This way you can quickly jump to the next or previous logical piece of code.


Programming languages, and markup languages such as HTML, typically have a tree structure, of elements embedded in other elements. To visualize those, the editor may show colored guidelines for some languages, and provides breadcrumbs

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