Insights on Testing Unreal Engine Support in Tools With Many Dependencies

Oleg Kuldyshev

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Have you ever had any issues while testing a huge system with many different internal and external dependencies integrated into it? Which methodologies did you use to solve them? In this talk, several examples of various problems caused by a deep level of product integration will be considered, along with examples of how methods of manual testing and automation can solve them. This presentation will reveal some insights on the structure of JetBrains Rider in the context of Unreal Engine support and its internal and external dependencies, including other tools by JetBrains, Microsoft, Apple, and Unreal Engine itself.

About the Presenter

Oleg Kuldyshev

Oleg is 24 years old and was born in Saint Petersburg. He currently lives in Limassol, where he works on testing Unreal Engine support and remote development solutions in JetBrains Rider.

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