How Sprocket Games Achieved 10x Playtest Velocity for an Unreal Engine Game

Nicolas Tittley

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Building and packaging Unreal Engine-based games is notoriously difficult. Achieving modern continuous integration and continuous delivery levels for them is even harder. In this talk, we’ll present and review the solution developed by Sprocket Games to build a modern multiplatform Unreal project in AWS, leveraging Epic’s BuildGraph system and TeamCity’s Kotlin DSL. Using this system, Sprocket Games has transitioned from overhead-heavy, bi-weekly playtests to near-painless daily playtests.

About the Presenter

Nicolas Tittley

Nick is CTO and co-founder of Sprocket Games, an all-remote startup studio with a core belief that amazing tech empowers game makers to make fantastic games.

A distributed systems and infrastructure expert, Nick is a veteran of the games industry. He started his career at EA Mobile (then Jamdat) programming classics like Bejeweled. While at CCP Games, he led the development of the backend systems for the MMORPG Eve Online and the console shooter Dust514, including allowing interactions between the two games (check out the GDC talk!). After that, he moved to Riot Games, where he worked on critical platform systems for League of Legends, including the matchmaking system, and led Riot’s shared technology group. He set the vision for the backend technology stack, live ops, deployment, community API, and service infrastructure across all Riot’s titles, including League of Legends, Valorant, Teamfight Tactics, and Legends of Runeterra. He has been involved in the gaming startup scene as an advisor and previously was a co-founder at Pragma Platform.

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