Creating Games With Unreal Editor and JetBrains Rider

JetBrains Rider is the best scripting editor for Unity – let's find out why!

Let's find out how Rider's smart C++ engine can help you have a great Unreal experience. Navigate instantly to the code you need, generate code as you type, and find and fix Unreal specific errors as you type – all without having to build your code first!

Rider has a great understanding of Unreal Engine projects and is optimized to work well with Unreal. Rider's deep integration with the Unreal editor allows you to switch to play mode, show logs, and run tests, all without leaving the editor. We'll also see how Rider understands Unreal Blueprints, and shows information such as serialized data and usages directly in the editor.

Let's learn the best ways that Rider can help you concentrate on building a fantastic Unreal game!