Top 10 Unity Assets That Every Project Should Use

Oles Dibrivniy

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The talk discusses the top 10 assets and third-party game development kits, describing their advantages and disadvantages. It uses the example of a real app (Keiki World) that my team and I are working on. These resources benefit both beginners and experienced developers, making the game creation process easier. The list includes assets such as Amplify Shader Editor, Cinemachine, Firebase, DOTween, Dependency Hunter/Finder, Odin Serializer, Procedural UI Image + UI Gradient, and SR-debugger. Each asset is briefly described, and an overview of its features and benefits is provided.

About the Presenter

Oles Dibrivniy

For the past two years, Oles Dibrivny has been working as a Unity Developer at EdTech company Keiki, which creates educational products for children.

Since 2017, Oles has been working at the State University of Telecommunications, where he defended my dissertation, obtained his PhD, and became an associate professor. Now he continues to teach students game development and mobile device programming at the university. Starting in 2023, he has also been working as an assistant at the Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (KPI), where he teaches an original course entitled "Introduction to Game Development" as part of the Genesis holding company.

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