Unity Packages: From WTF to FTW with Needle Tools

Felix Herbst

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Love them or hate them, Unity packages are quite a topic. Used correctly, they can bring everything with project creation, feature development, and asset management to the next level. Learn how Needle structures, uses, and maintains packages to turn the engine up to 11. We’ll go from “what’s a package in Unity” to “crazy things you can do with them” in short succession.

About the Presenter

Felix Herbst Co-Founder Needle, Co-Founder prefrontal cortex

Felix has been creating award-winning VR and AR experiences for the last 13 years, many of which have been made with Unity. Being in that weird spot between designer and developer, he has a strong focus on editor tools, workflows, graphics development, and shaders. Co-Founder @needletools. Co-Founder @prefrontlcortex. Tech @amusevision.

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