Hierarchy, bookmarks and camera presets

Find your way through complex scenes.

Hierarchy & Bookmarks

Make it easier to handle complex scenes by grouping objects by color in the Hierarchy panel. Give each object a name, set a color, add notes, and add bookmarks to get back to it later. You can share your notes and bookmarks with your team.


A RiderFlow section is a custom group of objects in the Hierarchy view. You can use sections to manage groups of objects when you play or debug the game and to arrange objects in design time.

Select one or several game objects in the Hierarchy view. To create a section, right-click the selection and choose Create Section.

You can set a name and color for the new section, and add a note (optional).


Bookmarks provide you with a simple way for jumping between GameObjects. Select a GameObject in the Hierarchy view and click the star button to create or remove a bookmark.

Bookmarks are shown in the scene view management toolbar.

Scene view management toolbar

The scene view management toolbar is your compass for navigating complex scenes. It provides several tools to manage your scene activities efficiently.

There is the search tool that only shows assets that you can use in the scene and allows you to drag assets from your search results directly into it. There is also the camera action tool that saves the current camera position as a preset, assigns a shortcut to it, and helps you switch between presets.

Camera presets

You can quickly save the current camera position as a preset. In the scene view management toolbar, click Add camera preset, give it a name, and a keyboard shortcut will be automatically assigned to it.

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