Search Everywhere

Quickly search throughout your project. For anything!

Use a simple shortcut to bring up the search pop-up window and look for GameObjects in scenes, files, and actions in the Unity Editor.

You can quickly search for anything in your project. You can use a keyboard shortcut to bring up the search popup window. By default, it will show recent files, such as recently opened scenes. When you begin typing, other files will show up in the list as well.

You can use the slider in the Results window to change the view. The slider allows you to view the results as a list or to get a preview. Click on an item to highlight it in the editor and navigate.

You will see several tabs in the popup window:

  • All: Search everywhere.
  • Hierarchy: Search GameObjects in Scenes.
  • Files: Search for assets (scripts, prefabs, models, materials, etc.).
  • Actions: Search throughout the Unity interface for all actions you can invoke.

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