Visual, standalone, bite-sized learning resources organized into different categories.

Use collection initializers
Update and initialize items in old collection declarations
Rename refactoring
Would a variable by any other name read as clearly?
Inline method refactoring
Replace usages of a function with its implementation.
Extract method refactoring
Split and Organize code into DRY, discrete units.
JetBrains Space and JetBrains Rider
A full solution to power your game development process!
Connect to a Running Docker Container Shell
Explore the file system and processes in the container, tail a log file, and more.
Why is ReSharper/Rider suggesting this?
ReSharper and Rider help you learn existing and new features of .NET!
Remote development with JetBrains Rider
Experience the power of developing .NET applications remotely!
C# 11 - Required Keyword
Introducing the required keyword for fields and properties.
C# 11 - Raw strings
There is no escape!
Undo Last Commit
Undo a commit... without misery.
Full-stack web development in Rider
Develop ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core applications in one place!