Five game developer habits that bring software engineers to the next level!

Alexander Chatzizacharias, Erik Pronk

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In the eyes of many people, software engineering and game development are two sides of the same coin. While this is true for some aspects of both fields, there are some key differences that make each a unique experience. During this talk we will discuss these differences between how game developers work and how software engineers work. We will explore some distinctions between methodologies within the two fields and how people handle them. To conclude, we will dive into what both fields can learn from each other so that developers can elevate themselves to the next level.

About the Presenters

Alexander Chatzizacharias Software Engineer at JDriven

Alexander is a 32-year-old Software Engineer at jDriven. He is of Dutch/Greek nationality. Alexander has a bachelor’s degree in Game Development (University of Applied Sciences of Amsterdam) and a master’s in Game Studies (University of Amsterdam). During his master's degree, Alexander developed a passion for gamification and software engineering. One of Alexander's career goals is bringing game development and software engineering closer together. He believes that both industries can learn a lot from each other, and is continuously trying to mix technologies and methodologies from both fields.

Erik Pronk Software enthusiast at JDriven

Erik Pronk is a passionate software engineer who has been working in IT since 2001. During this period, he has gained a lot of experience in a variety of technologies, roles, development environments, and market segments. His main focus is on implementing enterprise solutions in an agile way. In his spare time, Erik loves to run and experiment with VR and domotics. Erik works at JDriven, where he shares his passion and drive with other colleagues.

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