Making Plugins for Game Engines as a Business

Alexander Pirogov, Victor Careil

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In the game development world, we often talk about creating games. But creating plugins for game engines can also be a lucrative undertaking! In this interview, Alexandr Pirogov talks to Victor Careil, Founder & Lead Developer of Voxel Plugin, about why plugins are created for game engines, how it is different from crafting games, how to make plugins universal and applicable to different game genres, and finally, how to make a business out of it!

About the Presenters

Alexander Pirogov Unreal dude at JetBrains

Alexander is a seasoned game developer who has worked as a UI developer on the FIFA series, Tools Tech Lead on World of Warships, Software Developer on Rainbow 6: Siege, and Team Lead on Injustice 2 Mobile.

Victor Careil Founder & Lead Developer of Voxel Plugin

Victor Careil is the founder & lead developer of Voxel Plugin. Through Voxel Plugin, Victor has been bringing bleeding edge voxel technology to Unreal Engine users for over 5 years.

He's very passionate about enabling developers to harness the power of voxels to create unique games. On the side, he also made several contributions to Unreal Engine including the Material Named Reroute Nodes.

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