Game DevOps - Elevating Your Unity and Unreal Build Pipelines With TeamCity

Daniel Gallo

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In this session, we’ll take a look at how to configure typical Unity and Unreal Engine build pipelines, including executing tests, building games for various platforms, and deploying to staging environments. We’ll also explore some of the built-in productivity-enhancing features offered by TeamCity, including build chains for automatic pipeline optimizations, parallel tests to shorten overall test execution times, and cloud agents to automatically spin-up additional build agents when needed.

About the Presenter

Daniel Gallo

Daniel is a Solutions Engineer on the TeamCity team at JetBrains. He has been in the software development industry for 20 years across a number of different roles including Software Developer, Senior Systems Analyst, and Sales Engineer.

As a TeamCity Solutions Engineer he supports both new and existing customers worldwide, helping them to learn all about TeamCity and how best to configure CI/CD build pipelines.

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