Scalable and Cloud-Native Mobile Game CI/CD Environment Using Unity

Nemoto Tadashi

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Developing continuously high-quality mobile games, with their frequent updates and large user bases, requires the use of good CI/CD (Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery) tools and practices.

However, the unique and complex requirements of building, testing, and deploying mobile games make configuring mobile CI/CD from scratch a daunting task.

These requirements include:

  • Setting up build environments (especially macOS for iOS)

  • Installing the Unity editor

  • Activating the Unity license

  • Preparing the build script

This session provides an easy-to-follow introduction to creating a scalable and cloud-native mobile game CI/CD environment using CircleCI, GameCI, and Unity.

This approach will provide you with the following benefits and ultimately enable you to continuously deliver high-quality mobile games by:

  • Increasing developer productivity and reducing maintenance overheads with scalable, on-demand, pre-configured build environments in the cloud, including M1 Mac.

  • Reducing maintenance overheads by eliminating the need for complex custom build scripts

About the Presenter

Nemoto Tadashi

Tadashi is a Senior Solutions Engineer at CircleCI. He is passionate about helping organizations of all sizes improve their software delivery process by providing support and advice on using CI/CD solutions to optimize development speed, quality, and security. He previously worked as a DevOps Engineer in an AI startup company and SET (Software Engineer in Test) in a marketplace app company, where he was in charge of CI/CD pipeline optimization and automated testing.

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