Visual Testing with pytest

Test writing is productive and fun with PyCharm as a visual testing tool atop pytest.

Python developers love writing code. Tests? Not so much. Whether it’s the concepts of testing, or the interface of testing tools, testing is a chasm not all developers cross.

This tutorial aims to bring Python testing to the masses, taking a new approach to first contact with Python testing:

  • Let's make it fun and valuable

  • Visual testing using PyCharm

  • Driven by the popular pytest framework

  • Real-world scenario during the live building of a simple Python application

  • Shows how PyCharm can help you get into testing and development "flow"

Project Setup
Project Setup
Make a PyCharm project and virtual environment with dependencies, and configure PyCharm to use pytest.
Jump to Error
Jump to Error
Writing code means writing broken code. Click a link in a traceback to open a file on the line of the error.