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Why does IntelliJ IDEA work for your team?

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To answer this popular question, we relied on Forrester Consulting, one of the world’s leading research organizations. Their experts examined how a company can potentially benefit from adopting IntelliJ IDEA. See what it can do for you!

Several IT experts shared their vision of the development process from different angles, including technical and business perspectives.

Financial benefits you can see in 3 years

Check out the numbers to see how adopting IntelliJ IDEA will help your business.


Return of investments


Net annual benefit per user

144 hours

Saved annually per user

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Key benefits IntelliJ IDEA offers

Higher developer productivity

Higher developer productivity

IntelliJ IDEA enables developers to work more efficiently. They can write better code with consistent style, fewer bugs and exceptions, better referencing of the existing code base, better structure, and more.

Increased productivity in code maintenance

Increased productivity in code maintenance

Due to the more elaborate and readable code, fewer bugs reach the production environment, reducing the need to maintain code and fix issues.

Onboarding efficiency

Onboarding efficiency

User-friendly interface, shared configuration files, and implementation of style guides and templates helps new employees to start being productive more quickly.

Improved code quality

Improved code quality

The debugger, improved testing plans, and reduced defect density allow testers and developers to be more efficient with quality control.

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