JetBrains Space Help

New User Quick Start Guide

Have you recently joined a Space organization? Follow these steps to quickly set up your personal Space environment and start collaborating with other team members to achieve your goals.

Space is an all-in-one platform that brings software teams together in a shared environment. It provides you with all the tools to cover the development pipeline and communicate effectively.

Step 1. Complete your profile

Your profile helps other team members get to know you and quickly find out what projects you’re working on. It contains information about your schedule and availability, contact details, office location, your teams and positions in them, as well as the projects you’re involved in.

To edit your profile, click on your avatar to expand the personal navigation sidebar. On the sidebar, choose General.

Check out this article to learn more about configuring your profile.


Step 2. Join your team

teams.png Teams in Space represent the actual structure of your organization. They help you find all the information you need about the company, its subteams, members, and everybody’s roles.

Join your team to easily access all work-related resources, including the projects your team is working on, the team calendar, channels in Chats, issues, and documents.

To join an existing team, browse the team directory by clicking teams.png on the navigation bar. When you find the team you want to join, click plus-add-grey.png on the team’s page. Choose Join if you have administrative rights, or submit a Request to join to the Team Admin.


Step 3. Create or join a project

projects.png Projects are where you store and manage all resources related to a specific piece of work that is part of a bigger goal. Each project is outfitted with many tools to help you and your teammates with various tasks: repositories, checklists, issues, boards, documents, and packages.

To create a new project, simply click plus-add.png on the navigation bar and choose Project. You can make a project private to restrict access to it or keep it visible to everyone within your company. (Restricted projects are available starting with the Organization plan.)


To join an existing project, you need to contact the project administrator and ask for membership. Find out who the project administrator is by clicking the Members widget on the project page:


Step 4. Plan, commit, review

Now that you've created or joined your first project, you can start planning and working on your tasks.

  1. Add items to your project’s checklist to plan your work.

  2. Create an issue to keep track of your progress. Issues can be used to file bugs, submit feature requests, handle design questions, and more.

  3. Clone an existing repository or set up a new one and start collaborating on code. Track commit history, search and examine code. Create code reviews.

  4. Browse, upload or create project-related documents such as instructions, roadmaps, or tutorials.

Step 5. Send a message to Chats

messenger.png Chats are your central hub for communication and real-time information sharing. You can use Chats to send messages to your colleagues, as well as to get personalized notifications, requests, and alerts about changes in your Space.

Send a message to a channel if you want to communicate to a group of colleagues. Send a direct message if you want to speak to a specific person.


More resources to help you navigate Space

Once you go through these first steps, you can keep exploring Space and discover more functionality. There are all kinds of learning resources available, so you can learn how you like and at your own pace.

Last modified: 13 September 2021