JetBrains Rider 2020.2 Help

Keyboard Shortcuts: Visual Studio Keymap

When consulting this documentation, you can see keyboard shortcuts for the keymap that you use — choose it with the selector at the top of the page:

Keyboard shortcuts selector in the documentation

Rider's top keyboard shortcuts

Open Solution or ProjectCtrl+Shift+O
Open File or FolderCtrl+O
Show Action ListAlt+Enter
Search EverywhereCtrl+T Double-Shift
Navigate To…Alt+` Alt+Dead Grave
Find UsagesShift+F12
Select In...Alt+F1
Find Action...Ctrl+Shift+A
Build SolutionCtrl+Shift+B
View Breakpoints...Ctrl+Alt+B
Attach to Process...Ctrl+Alt+P
VCS Operations Popup...Ctrl+Alt+Q
Refactor This...Ctrl+Shift+R
Inspect This...Ctrl+Alt+Shift+A
Code Cleanup...Ctrl+E, C Ctrl+E, Ctrl+C

Finding everything

Search EverywhereCtrl+T Double-Shift
Find...Ctrl+F Alt+F3
Find Next / Move to Next OccurrenceF3 Ctrl+Shift+Down Ctrl+Alt+Page Down
Find Previous / Move to Previous OccurrenceShift+F3 Ctrl+Shift+Up Ctrl+Alt+Page Up
Find in Path...Ctrl+Shift+F
Replace in Path...Ctrl+Shift+H
Next Occurrence of the Word at CaretCtrl+F3
Go to File...Ctrl+Shift+T
File MemberAlt+\
Go to Symbol...Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T
Find Action...Ctrl+Shift+A

Navigating from symbols

Go to Declaration or UsagesF12 Ctrl+Click Right-click
Go to Type DeclarationCtrl+Shift+F11 Ctrl+Shift+Click
Show UsagesAlt+Shift+F12
Go to Super MethodAlt+Home
Implementation(s)Ctrl+F12 Ctrl+Alt+Click
Go to Implementation(s)Alt+End Ctrl+Alt+Click
Navigate To…Alt+` Alt+Dead Grave
Find UsagesShift+F12
Highlight Usages in FileAlt+Shift+F11

Context navigation

Next MethodAlt+Down
Previous MethodAlt+Up
Go to Line/Column...Ctrl+G
SwitcherCtrl+Tab Ctrl+Shift+Tab
Select In...Alt+F1
Locate/Select in Solution ViewAlt+Shift+L
Recent FilesCtrl+,
Recently Changed FilesCtrl+Shift+,
Last Edit LocationCtrl+Shift+Backspace
BackCtrl+Minus Ctrl+NumPad Minus Mouse Back
ForwardCtrl+Shift+Minus Ctrl+Shift+NumPad Minus Mouse Forward
Select Next TabAlt+Right
Select Previous TabAlt+Left
Show BookmarksCtrl+`
Toggle BookmarkCtrl+K, K Ctrl+K, Ctrl+K
Toggle Bookmark with MnemonicCtrl+F11
Add to FavoritesAlt+Shift+F
Show Structure windowCtrl+Alt+F
Show Find windowAlt+3 Ctrl+Alt+F12
Show TODO windowAlt+6
Show Favorites windowAlt+2

Code Analysis

Show Action ListAlt+Enter
Next Code IssueAlt+Page Down
Previous Code IssueAlt+Page Up
Next ErrorAlt+Shift+Page Down
Previous ErrorAlt+Shift+Page Up
Toggle Code InspectionCtrl+Alt+Shift+8
Run Inspection by NameCtrl+Alt+Shift+I
Inspect This...Ctrl+Alt+Shift+A
Show Errors in Solution windowCtrl+Alt+2
Show Inspection Results windowCtrl+Alt+4 Ctrl+Alt+V

Creating and editing code

Move Caret to Previous WordCtrl+Left
Move Caret to Next WordCtrl+Right
Move Caret to Line StartHome
Move Caret to Line EndEnd
Containing DeclarationCtrl+[
Move Caret to Matching BraceCtrl+]
Move Caret to Code Block StartAlt+Shift+[
Move Caret to Code Block EndAlt+Shift+]
Next MethodAlt+Down
Previous MethodAlt+Up
Move Caret to Page TopCtrl+Page Up
Move Caret to Page BottomCtrl+Page Down
Page UpPage Up
Page DownPage Down
Move Caret to Text StartCtrl+Home
Move Caret to Text EndCtrl+End
Select AllCtrl+A
Left with SelectionShift+Left Alt+Shift+Left
Right with SelectionShift+Right Alt+Shift+Right
Move Caret to Previous Word with SelectionCtrl+Shift+Left
Move Caret to Next Word with SelectionCtrl+Shift+Right
Move Caret to Line Start with SelectionShift+Home
Move Caret to Line End with SelectionShift+End
Up with SelectionShift+Up
Down with SelectionShift+Down
Select Containing DeclarationCtrl+Shift+[
Move Caret to Code Block Start with SelectionCtrl+Alt+Shift+[
Move Caret to Code Block End with SelectionCtrl+Alt+Shift+]
Move Caret to Page Top with SelectionCtrl+Shift+Page Up
Move Caret to Page Bottom with SelectionCtrl+Shift+Page Down
Page Up with SelectionShift+Page Up
Page Down with SelectionShift+Page Down
Move Caret to Text Start with SelectionCtrl+Shift+Home
Move Caret to Text End with SelectionCtrl+Shift+End
Extend SelectionCtrl+Alt+Right Ctrl+W
Shrink SelectionCtrl+Alt+Left Ctrl+Shift+W
Add Selection for Next OccurrenceAlt+Shift+.
CopyCtrl+C Ctrl+Insert
CutCtrl+X Shift+Delete Ctrl+L
PasteCtrl+V Shift+Insert
Paste without FormattingCtrl+Alt+Shift+V
Paste from History...Ctrl+Shift+V Ctrl+Shift+Insert
Duplicate Line or SelectionCtrl+D
Copy PathsCtrl+Shift+C
Copy ReferenceCtrl+Alt+Shift+C
Save AllCtrl+Shift+S
UndoCtrl+Z Alt+Backspace
Indent SelectionTab
Unindent Line or SelectionShift+Tab
Start New LineShift+Enter
Start New Line Before CurrentCtrl+Enter
Delete LineCtrl+Shift+L
Toggle CaseCtrl+Shift+U
New Scratch FileCtrl+Alt+Shift+Insert
Open source in new windowShift+F4

Coding assistance

Show Action ListAlt+Enter
Basic CompletionCtrl+Space Ctrl+J
Smart CompletionCtrl+Alt+Space
Second Basic CompletionAlt+Shift+Space
Complete Current StatementCtrl+Shift+Enter
Parameter InfoCtrl+Shift+Space
Quick DocumentationCtrl+Shift+F1
Move Statement UpCtrl+Alt+Shift+Up
Move Statement DownCtrl+Alt+Shift+Down
Move Element LeftCtrl+Alt+Shift+Left
Move Element RightCtrl+Alt+Shift+Right
Comment/uncomment with Line CommentCtrl+Alt+/ Ctrl+Alt+NumPad / Ctrl+K, C Ctrl+K, Ctrl+C Ctrl+K, Ctrl+/ Ctrl+K, Ctrl+U
Comment/uncomment with Block CommentCtrl+Shift+/ Ctrl+Shift+NumPad /
Code Cleanup...Ctrl+E, C Ctrl+E, Ctrl+C
Silent Code CleanupCtrl+E, F Ctrl+E, Ctrl+F

Building, Running, and Debugging


Refactor This...Ctrl+Shift+R
Change Signature...Ctrl+R, S Ctrl+R, Ctrl+S
Inline...Ctrl+R, I Ctrl+R, Ctrl+I
Move...Ctrl+R, O Ctrl+R, Ctrl+O
Extract Method...Ctrl+R, M Ctrl+R, Ctrl+M
Introduce Field...Ctrl+R, F Ctrl+R, Ctrl+F
Introduce Parameter...Ctrl+R, P Ctrl+R, Ctrl+P
Introduce Variable...Ctrl+R, V Ctrl+R, Ctrl+V
Rename...Ctrl+R, R Ctrl+R, Ctrl+R
Safe Delete...Ctrl+R, D Ctrl+R, Ctrl+D Alt+Delete

Global VCS actions

VCS Operations Popup...Ctrl+Alt+Q
Show Version Control windowAlt+9
Update ProjectCtrl+Alt+W
Next ChangeCtrl+Alt+Shift+N
Previous ChangeCtrl+Alt+Shift+P

Unit Testing

Unit Testing Quick List...Alt+Shift+U
Run Unit TestsCtrl+U, R Ctrl+U, Ctrl+R
Debug Unit TestsCtrl+U, D Ctrl+U, Ctrl+D
Stop ExecutionCtrl+U, S Ctrl+U, Ctrl+S
Repeat Previous RunCtrl+U, U Ctrl+U, Ctrl+U
Rerun Failed TestsCtrl+U, F Ctrl+U, Ctrl+F
Run Tests Until FailureCtrl+U, W Ctrl+U, Ctrl+W
Run All Tests from SolutionCtrl+U, L Ctrl+U, Ctrl+L
Create New SessionCtrl+U, N Ctrl+U, Ctrl+N
Append Tests to SessionCtrl+U, A Ctrl+U, Ctrl+A
Run Current SessionCtrl+U, Y Ctrl+U, Ctrl+Y
Run Unit Tests under dotMemory UnitCtrl+U, M Ctrl+U, Ctrl+M
Show Unit Tests windowAlt+8 Alt+Shift+8
Run Selected TestsShift+Enter Ctrl+R
Debug Selected TestsCtrl+D
Run Current Session (Tool Window)Ctrl+Y
Rerun Failed Tests (Tool Window)
Create New Session (Tool Window)Alt+Shift+Insert
Append Tests to Session (Tool Window)Ctrl+Alt+Insert
Remove Selected Tests (Tool Window)Delete
Run All Tests from Solution (Tool Window)Ctrl+L

Tool Windows

Hide All Tool WindowsCtrl+Shift+F12
Jump to Last Tool WindowCtrl+Alt+Backspace Alt+Shift+F6
ExplorerCtrl+Alt+L Alt+1
FindAlt+3 Ctrl+Alt+F12
NuGetAlt+7 Alt+Shift+7
Unit TestsAlt+8 Alt+Shift+8
Version ControlAlt+9
Errors In SolutionCtrl+Alt+2
Inspection ResultsCtrl+Alt+4 Ctrl+Alt+V
Last modified: 08 May 2020